Welcome to my parallel universe!


tranceI love to read about imaginary worlds, and most nights my dreams are so vivid I feel as if I’ve crossed over into a parallel universe. It looks an awful lot like the world I see when I’m awake, but things are just . . . different.

When I write, I imagine my characters in a world that is also just like ours, but — as in my dreams — it’s as if our world is reflected in a slightly warped mirror. Earth is still Earth, and people are still people. Just . . . different.

In WOLF’S MOON, an ancient thread of genetic material, long dormant, is jolted back to life, with deadly results. In WING MAN, Earth is invaded by angelic-looking aliens who bring peace, at a price.

All of my stories have romance at the heart, and all lead to a happy ending. Because, even in a reimagined world, love is all you need.

About anyadavis

Anya Davis writes in the real world, on a slightly tilted axis. Faux angels, humans with the genes of gods . . . and wolves. Dark suspense and wickedly erotic paranormals: reality, reimagined. Anya is a member of the Ohio Valley chapter of Romance Writers of America. She is unpublished, but working hard.

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