“The Call” – Cyber-Style



I’m thrilled to welcome guest blogger Gabriella Edwards, aka Ohio Valley Romance Writers member Rosie Murphy — who also happens to be my critique partner — as she blogs about her first sale!

Two weeks ago, just like any other Friday after a long day of exhausting work, I wanted to unwind with some mindless cyber-chatter. Normally more tenacious about checking my messages as soon as I get home, I succumbed to my family’s antsy cries for dinner. They dragged me away from my beloved laptop and distracted me with comforting meatballs smothered in cheese at the local pizza place—I’m so easy.

Once home again and still glowing with good food and company, I sat down at my laptop, which quickly forgave me for my desertion, and I started checking my messages. Pouring through numerous notes and announcements from chapter mates or other loops I’d developed a fondness for lurking, my eyes snagged on an unfamiliar address with the title of my novella in the subject line. Since I’d recently received word through a contest final that a leading ePublisher’s managing editor was interested in seeing my MS, I promptly opened the message.

The first line—Thanks for submitting Until Emie to Red Sage Publishing. I’m very taken with its sleek plot, full-speed-ahead pacing and—especially—its hot sex.—clearly sounded like there was a “but” coming. Doesn’t it sound like there should be a “but”?

Much to my delight, there wasn’t! We’d like to offer you a publishing contract…followed. The only thing I remember running through my head at the time was a sound. A guttural, high pitched squealing. It took my husband’s raised eyebrows and my daughter’s checking my pulse for me to realize that noise was coming from me! Then, I started giggling which finally turned into gasping words of explanation. I’ve kept the email and plan to frame it someday, but I love seeing those words over and over.

No, I didn’t get a call. I’d dreamt about receiving the fateful phone call every since I’d decided to make my dream of writing romance a reality. But oh, baby, an email message is just as good!

Thanks for sharing that wonderful news, Gabriella! You can find her website here:  http://www.gabriellaedwards.com/

What about the rest of you? Sadly, I don’t have my own “call” story yet *pauses to weep hysterically* but what about you? Have you had “the call?”

About anyadavis

Anya Davis writes in the real world, on a slightly tilted axis. Faux angels, humans with the genes of gods . . . and wolves. Dark suspense and wickedly erotic paranormals: reality, reimagined. Anya is a member of the Ohio Valley chapter of Romance Writers of America. She is unpublished, but working hard.

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  1. A guttural, high pitched squealing.

    Ok, I’m not going to even go there on that particular line, but I am delighted for you. It’s always such fun to hear/read about the calls others have received.

    I’m like you. I didn’t get a call the first sale. I got an email. Although when I really did get a call from my agent last October with an offer, I didn’t squeal. I shouted, and I just happened to be at work, which wasn’t a good thing. LOL

    CONGRATS mia paisani (is that correct spelling??) Huge Hugs and Congrats!!


  2. LOFL! Monica, I had the feeling you’d catch that. Gutteral is one of my fav words, which I think Anya gets sick of reading when she’s critiqing my stuff.. But yeah, I shouted a bit after my breathing returned to normal. I fogot to mention in the blog that my wonderful critique partner, Anya, was the first person I called. I was desperately trying to send her a message, and I just gave up when I couldn’t type legibly.

    Thanks for coming by, cara mia!

  3. Thanks, April! The euphoria surged in spurts (there you go, Monica) I danced around the house about an hour or so after reading the message. I grabbed my daughter to dance with me at one point, but she was confused I was still celebrating. Party pooper!

  4. Both of you stop! You knew me when, indeed! I love you both and yes, Mary, you are old enough! I’m releasing myself from any responsibility that it may shock you. You’ve been around me long enough and you’ve not run screaming so…

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