And now for . . . the Back Collection!


I blame Rosie Murphy, aka Gabriella Edwards, for my current obsession with the male back. If a picture is worth a thousand words, well — I think I’ll let this book cover speak for itself. (It’s a fabulous book, too!)

The other back (etcetera, etcetera) belongs to the incomparable Charles Paz, MR. ROMANCE 2009, who I will be interviewing here in an upcoming blog.

Know any other good backs? Let me know! (I’m shallow and loving it!)

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  1. LOFL! Anya! I am so proud of you! Tonya, I’ll join you. I am so in love with my new cover that I can’t make public yet. And Anya hinted it has a very nice back involved. I’m now on a quest for the best back. Carolyn Jewel’s cover sports a very, very nice one–YUM!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my book! That is a lovely cover and a masterful male back. So perfect for the hero.

    And your other pic. omg. I’m having trouble breathing. That is a lovely picture and I’m so glad I came over to see it!

    I would like to apply for membership in OBABY. Is there a form to fill out? A back to rub, perhaps?

  3. Hi Carolyn! For all the pleasure your book and its mouthwatering cover have given all your readers, I hereby grant you a lifetime membership in OBABY! A charter member, in fact. Although if the cover model was the one doing the back rubs, I think we could get a good sideline going!

    So Carolyn, were you able to sneak a peek at the photo shoot? Do you know who the male model is? I get palpitations every time I look at that cover!

    I loved SCANDAL so I knew I was going to get INDISCREET, but even if I hadn’t already been a fan this cover would have sold me on it (and I always swore I would never buy a book for its cover!).

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

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