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About anyadavis

Anya Davis writes in the real world, on a slightly tilted axis. Faux angels, humans with the genes of gods . . . and wolves. Dark suspense and wickedly erotic paranormals: reality, reimagined. Anya is a member of the Ohio Valley chapter of Romance Writers of America. She is unpublished, but working hard.

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  1. Well, yes, why yes, I would like some Xing more, thank you for asking Mr. Verdasco.

    Hold that thought.

    I’m looking at Mustafa, no, Verdasco, no Mustafa… ::sigh::

    I’m a happy, happy, lil’ girl now.

  2. Anya, I LOVE YOU!!! This has been the best St. Patrick’s Day ever. (hmm…a 49 second commercial has just turned my day into extraordinary. Wow….that sounds pathetic)

    Oh well, I don’t care!

    I watched the Calvin Klein commercial over and over and over….hee hee
    and I don’t Xing care!

  3. Thank Lori Foster for the Calvin Klein commercial. She tweeted about it and I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it. Knew you’d all want to get in on the fun!

  4. Is the Old SPice hysterical!! I love it. They’ve created a wonderful poke fun of us into a win win commerical. I LOVE this guy. Look it, look down, look back at me. LOL

  5. OH.. My…GOODNESS! Well they certainly don’t make commercials like they used to. LOVE THEM!

    The Old Spice has got to be my favorite. “I’m on a horse.” LOFL!

    What with Renee’s kilt men going on over there and now your CK underwear dudes over hear. My mind is mush! *GASP* If Gerard Butler did an underwear commercial…I…can’t…breathe. I’d never get anything done.

  6. Hi everybody! So nice to have so much company – the hot guys always bring you all in droves!

    Mary, if you watch closely, you can read their lips. Some naughty words are clearly visible!

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