Please Welcome Author KETA DIABLO!


Anya: Hi Keta – thanks for joining us! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Keta: Thank you so much for having me, Anya. I live in the Midwest portion of the country where it’s very cold right now. I don’t particularly like the arctic blasts, but our springs and summers are breathtaking and make up for the suffering (lol). When I’m not writing, I’m either reading, gardening or hanging out at my local animal shelter. I’m a huge advocate for abused and neglected animals and would like to take them all home if possible.

Anya: How long have you been writing? Where do you find your inspiration?

Keta: I’ve always written in one form or another, even when it was only for my own pleasure. I’ve been writing professionally for about five years and am published through Ravenous Romance, Noble Romance, Phaze Publishing and Amber Quill Press.

I find my inspiration from many places, even dreams at times. Mostly, I find them from an article or a story I’ve read while surfing the net. For instance, Land of Falling Stars , my Civil War novel, was inspired by a story I read about cousins who fought on opposite sides during the war. Decadent Deceptions, another erotic historical and finalist in the 2008 MOLLY Contest, was inspired by an article I read about brothels in the 1800’s


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More of Keta’s books:





Anya: Tell us a little bit about how you decided to write M/M novels?

Keta: That came about from reading in the genre. Male bodies have always fascinated me. I don’t necessarily mean in a carnal way, but I love their form, the muscles and the hard, lean curves. I am, however, intrigued about the emotional side of their relationships, particularly when men often think entirely the opposite of women when it comes to romance, expressing love and acting upon it. To me, this is all very fascinating.

Anya: Who  is your favorite character from your stories?

Keta: The characters are all very interesting to me, even the villains. If I must choose, I’ll choose Owen from The Sin Eater’s Prince. He’s a lonely soul by virtue of his occupation and a very kind, gentle man. When his father died, he had two choices – either take up his father’s profession or starve to death. Owen understands that the villagers don’t shun him out of hatred but out of fear and superstition, and there’s a surprise in the book about what Owen really is.

More About The Sin Eater’s Prince here:

Anya: Do you always write in a specific style?

Keta: I’m a “panster” for the most part. I do outline the story in my head, every conversation between characters, every scene, so by the time I sit down to write, I know what comes next. As for style, it depends. I’m wordier in my fantasy and historicals, and very to the point if I’m writing male/male contemporaries. I think this has to do with the pace of the story.

Anya: How did you come up with titles for your books — or did the publishers choose them?

Keta: Often I don’t know the title of what I’m writing until at least half-way through the book. Something will trigger the title, either a conversation between the characters or some snippet about one of the character’s past. For example, in Land of Falling Stars , the title didn’t come to me until the heroine, Sophia, commented about her penchant for lying in the grass and watching the stars. She liked to pretend she lived in the Land of Falling Stars as a child.

More about Land of Falling Stars here:

Anya: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Keta: If there are messages, they are subtle. I try to stay away from anything concerning my own personal or political views while I write. I just write the characters as I see them, and at times, reviewers have said, “Keta Diablo likes to write the “politically incorrect” characters. This isn’t intentional, but I do admit, some of my characters have been very controversial among readers and reviewers. Particularly in my gay fiction. I don’t sugarcoat my characters, but rather write them with all their warts and blemishes. Because readers like to concentrate on the goodness in people, this hasn’t always gone over real well.

Anya: What was the first romance you ever read?

Keta: Gone With The Wind, of course, although by today’s standards it’s not a “true” romance. I think it’s great to remember that Mitchell was rejected by lots and lots of publishers before someone took a chance on GWTW. And, thank goodness they did.

Anya: Who are some of your favorite authors?

Keta: Harper Lee for sure. Love To Kill A Mockingbird.

I read Pauline Simons and I’m halfway through The Bronze Horseman — fabulous book.

Helen Kirkman – I like her writing and her characters, particularly Forbidden

Anya: What were your favorite books as a child?

Keta: The first time I read To Kill A Mockingbird I was in 5th grade. I read it at least once a year and still enjoy it immensely.

Anya: Do you have critique partners, or are you in an RWA chapter?

Keta: I used to belong to RWA for quite some time, but there was controversy over their stand on ebooks. Now that they’re coming around regarding epublishing, I might have to rethink my membership. I don’t have a critique partner, but I have several Beta readers that help me out. Thank goodness!

Anya: What are your thoughts on the new popularity of e-books?

Keta: I adore ebooks. Several years ago the main discussion on the all the loops was whether or not ebooks were a faze. I think we can safely say that ebooks are here to stay and I’m very happy about that. I occasionally buy paperbacks, but seldom. I love the convenience of ebooks. When I want to read something, it’s at my fingertips.

Anya: Who is your favorite real life hottie?

Keta: Oh, I have several.

Leo for sure — that’s DeCaprio, of course.
Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven
Denzel Washington in all movies, but mostly Man On Fire
And I loved Hugh Jackman in Australia

Read about Keta’s new book here:

More information about Land of Falling Stars here:

Penniless, her parents and brother dead, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved childhood home during the Civil War. Another blue coat is staggering down the hill, but before Sophia allows him to rob and pilfer like the others, she shoots him. How is she to know it is Gavin, the dark knight of her youth, carrying secrets too horrific to imagine and a passion that ignites her deepest desires?

As Sophia gradually learns Gavin’s secret, she discovers how to know her own heart. Can she survive in the Land of Falling Stars or will she lose it all to the horrors of the War and Reconstruction? And will the Southern lady and the Yankee soldier be able to recapture the bliss of their youth – this time in each other’s arms?

Buy this book in paperback from!

“Land of Falling Stars is filled with passion, heartache and pride. I hope there is a sequel in the works. This is a good read.” –Readers Favorite Reviews (4 stars)

“This is one steamy hot erotic historical ebook that I devoured as soon as I got a couple of pages in…I recommend that all erotic romance readers go out and buy this ebook. It’s a keeper.” –Phoebe Jordan, Talk About My Favorite Authors (5 stars)

“Keta Diablo has woven a tale set in Civil War times that is truly engaging.” –The Girls on Books Blog (4 “martinis”)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Land of Falling Stars, and hope to read more of the people of Arbor Rose and Fredricksburg.” –Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews (4.5 “cherries”)

“If you enjoy passion and emotion in your romance, Land of Falling Stars is one you won’t want to miss!” –Jennifer’s Random Musings (4.5 stars)

“A story that has the ups and downs of a roller coaster and keeps the reader hanging on with bated breath, Land of Falling Stars is captivating. The author has a great knack for weaving words together to bring a vivid picture to the reader’s mind.” –Bookwenches (4.5 stars)

“Keta Diablo has penned a beautiful and haunting love story full of passion, deception, danger and the epic War Between the States that will leave you breathless and longing for more! I loved this story from beginning to end!” –Sapphire Romance (4.75 stars)

“Land of Falling Stars lured me in immediately with its lyrical title, and hot cover art. I was instantly captivated by the haunting love story of Gavin and Sophie.” Chloe Waits (5 stars)

“If you haven’t read Keta Diablo, you haven’t lived!” Loves More Romance

Three new releases came out back-to-back in April, May and another is due out the first week of June.

Released April 19th from Noble Romance,

THE DEVIL’S HEEL male/male historical pirate novella

Released in May from Amber Quill Press: http://www.amberquillpress/amberallure

HOT & STICKY male/male contemporary short story

Released in May from Phaze Publishing:

Crossroads: Shadowland male/male contemporary, and 4th novella in the best-selling series CROSSROADS.

Coming in June from Amber Quill Press; http://www.amberquillpress/amberallure
BLOOD OATH male/male vampire novella

You can find Keta on the Internet here:

Author Home:

Keta’s Haunt:

Keta’s Keep:

Gay Fiction Blog:

Keta on Twitter:


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Land of Falling Stars

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  1. well i followed a tweet here 🙂

    ooomg! hugh jackman is so sexy and just plain ole nice. and then TYHE ACCENT

  2. Hey Keta , which one of your M/M novels did you enjoy writing the most? Do you really like ebooks more than paperbacks , I love the feel and smell of a book . But I must say that ebooks are very convenient. By the way, I totally agree with your list of hotties.

  3. Hi keta! Great interview! I love reading about authors and their background. It makes them more relatable, especially when I read their creations.

    I am also a panster with the story outlined in my head. My CP is always asking me about different directions for her YA and I can come up with ideas on a dime, but when it comes to fleshing out the plot, I have to be working in that particular MS.

  4. Tami – I’m so glad Twitter led you to us!

    Kayla – I just checked and WordPress shows me your emails, so you don’t have to list an email address to enter the contest. All you have to do is comment, so you’re in the drawing!

    Nastassia – Do you read your ebooks on a computer or on some type of ereader? How do you like the one you use (assuming you use one)?

    Tonya – I want to feature you here, too – just say when!

  5. Keta,

    Great interview. I love your books and look forward to letting you take me into Owen’s world. I am continually amazed at your grasp of your characters. They are always so rich with character and personality.

    Continue to bless us with your talent. You are an amazing writer.

  6. Hi everyone, thanks so much for stopping by.

    Let’s see . . . what male/male book did I enjoy writing the most? I suppose that would be the Crossroads series. I’m on my 5th novella for this series so by now, I know my characters as if they lived next door all my life. Lol. I’ll be finishing up book 5 in August and book 6 in November. Then I think it’s time to put Frank and Rand to bed for a while (no pun intended).

    Thank you, Tina, for your kind words about knowing my characters. If an author knows her characters inside and out, it makes writing so much easier. I struggle when I’m not sure what they’ll do or say next, so knowing them, helps to make the plot flow.

    There has been a lot of controversy over Frank, one of the characters in Crossroads. He’s not a very likable character in the beginning of the series. I wrote him in that manner on purpose so I could redeem him by the end of the story. Drawing emotion — good or bad — from readers is a good thing. If an author can get the reader to react, she/he has done their job.

    I adore the cover for Land of Falling Stars. The very talented April Martinez designed it. Who would have thunk that pink would rock in a romance cover? Ravenous is known for their wonderful covers and they use real models. It’s hard to see the wolfhound behind Sophia’s dress, but his name is Ricochet and he plays an integral part in the story.

    I’m so pleased you stopped by. My humble thanks to each and every one of you. And good luck to all in the drawing.

    I want to take a moment to say that Anya is a great supporter of authors; a round of kudos to her for standing behind them and so graciously hosting us on her blog.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and, Happy Reading!

    Hugs, Keta

  7. Hi, Keta!

    I already have the pdf to Land of Falling stars, but I thought I’d stop by as a show of support to your wonderful works. Love the video, btw. 😉

  8. Pat and Lindsay – are you two related, also? It’s a family reunion!

    Tara – I agree, it is a beautiful cover.

    Hi, L. Lane – aren’t those great trailers?

    Hey everyone, I don’t know what Keta wants to do, but I think we should let people comment for another day before drawing the prize winner. We’re likely to get a lot of visitors over the weekend, with both of us posting updates on Facebook and Twitter.

  9. Hi lovely Lisa, one of my Ravenous co-authors. And Pat, Tina’s sister, thanks so much for stopping by! Your sister has a release coming out soon. Isn’t that exciting?

    This has been so much fun, Anya. I leave it up to you about the contest. I sure love dropping by and chatting it up,

    Best, Keta

  10. Hey Keta! Great to see you on Anya’s blog!

    BTW, I love the cover of Decadent Deceptions! Simple yet very gripping. I love the deep connection you can feel between the two characters on the cover.

    I am a panser too….its nice to see someone else who writes the way I do. It drives my husband crazy cause he is a spreadsheet freak. EVERYTHING is on a list or some sort of spreadsheet. I just can’t do that. Like I told my CP, I’d spend more time re-writing the outline than I would writing the manuscript.

    I enjoyed your interview very much! So great to get into other authors’ heads and read about their grand journey and their successes.

  11. Morning everyone,

    Anya asked me to select a winner. I made a list, numbered the names and had my son choose a number.

    The winner is CrystalGB. Crystal, please contact me by e-mail at That way I know I have the correct e-mail address when I send out Land of Falling Stars.

    Thanks to all for stopping by. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support,

    Have a wonderful week, Happy reading, Keta

  12. Great interview Keta! You know I love your writing! I loved learning more about you and your way of writing though that I didn’t know about. Keep those great books coming! HUGS

  13. I just wanted to stop by and show my support for Keta and check out Anya’s blog. Great interview! Land of Falling Stars keeps catching my attention. I must read it one of these days, the cover is beautiful!

  14. Someone asked about my name. Keta is part of my real name. My mom wanted to name me KATE and at the last minute switched the letters around. Isn’t she clever?

    One thing, Keta Diablo seems to be a very memorable name. I get a lot of comments about the name, particularly “Diablo” which means “devil” in Spanish.

    Hmmmm…… just saying,

    Hugs, Keta

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