Update on Past Guests



You may recall, Gabriella shared her “call” story with us awhile back. Her story, UNTIL EMIE, comes out September 1st! Order it here: http://www.eredsage.com/store/Until_Emie_Gabriella_Edwards.html

2) You may have read an excerpt from Keri Stevens‘ novel, STONE KISSED here. Keri sold her story to Carina Press. Keep up with her news here: http://keristevens.blogspot.com/

3) Tonya Kappes, another guest here, sold her book, CARPE BEAD ‘EM to Turquoise Morning Press. Here’s her brand new book trailer:

4) Renee Vincent sold her Emerald Isle Trilogy to Turquoise Morning Press: http://www.turquoisemorningpress.com/2009/05/renee-vincent.html
Keep up with Renee’s news here: http://www.reneevincent.com/

5) Multi-published author Monica Burns has a new release, ASSASSIN’S HEART, and she has redesigned her website.

Monica also answered a few questions for me:

1) What of the five senses do you tap into most when you’re writing?

Let me think. Since I try really hard to use all the senses in scenes, I don’t know that I can say I use one more than the other. Maybe sense of smell….no I use taste in the same way I use smell. Hmm…I don’t really think I favor one over the other. Now someone who reads my stuff might say different.

2) What favorite book of yours do you wish you had written?

Jane Eyre. Hands down. Secretly I dream that maybe I was Charlotte Bronte. LOL

3) What do you think about the show Castle? Who do you think is hotter, Nathan Fillion or Gerard Butler? (Don’t blame me, I didn’t come up with these questions!)

I’ve never watched Castle and couldn’t tell you what it’s about. I LOVE Nathan Fillion infinitely more than GB. I’ve loved Nathan before women knew Nathan existed. I’m a Joss Whedon fan and diehard Firefly lover. Nathan rawked as Malcolm.

4) Do you watch mystery TV shows and/or movies? If so, which do you like best?

I don’t really watch mystery/romantic suspense TV shows or movies. I’m into adventure, fantasy and sci-fi. Favorite shows are Medium, Leverage, Warehouse13 and big sweeping historical epics. ROME, The Tudors, Pillars of the Earth. My favorite movies are generally romantic comedy or action/adventure like The Proposal, Love Actually, Kate and Leopold or National Treasure, Scarlet Pimpernel

5) If you were casting your books, who would you choose?

Casting my books, there is NO way I know how to answer that because I don’t usually base my characters off of actors, I generally see a unknown model and think…oh that’s Ares. Or Oh, that’s Lysander. The only actor I ever saw as a character was Altair in Mirage. Oded Fehr from The Mummy was my inspiration appearance wise. Now I can say that Cleo in Book 3 of the Order of the Sicari series is a mix between Elizabeth Taylor and Monica Belluci. Stunningly beautiful and yet acts like an alpha male, mannerisms and all.

COMING UP SOON: An interview with KERI FORD, who just sold her first two books!

About anyadavis

Anya Davis writes in the real world, on a slightly tilted axis. Faux angels, humans with the genes of gods . . . and wolves. Dark suspense and wickedly erotic paranormals: reality, reimagined. Anya is a member of the Ohio Valley chapter of Romance Writers of America. She is unpublished, but working hard.

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  1. Anya, you are so kind for posting this update on us! What a kind thoughtful thing to do!
    Thank you so much!

    And I’m honored to share the limelight with those above mentioned authors!

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