Stay Tuned for Tina!


Hi everyone! Sorry there hasn’t been much news here lately. I invited a couple of fabulous people to do interviews, but we’ve had a slight delay because they KEEP SELLING BOOKS!

Do you know that every unpublished writer I’ve featured here is now published? I think I’m the Fairy BookMother!

And since I invited Tina Wolfer to join us, she has sold a second book! It’s a great story, so I’ll let her tell you about that herself.

It will take me a little bit to post her interview – I’m setting it up now, so stay tuned!


About anyadavis

Anya Davis writes in the real world, on a slightly tilted axis. Faux angels, humans with the genes of gods . . . and wolves. Dark suspense and wickedly erotic paranormals: reality, reimagined. Anya is a member of the Ohio Valley chapter of Romance Writers of America. She is unpublished, but working hard.

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