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Let’s Get Physical


Beauty’s only skin deep – I won’t argue with that. Romance stories based on Beauty and the Beast abound (many are on my keeper shelves, in fact), and I admit I get a kick out of it when fictional heroes or heroines are less than perfect.

Still, it would be pointless to pretend looks are completely irrelevant. Physical attraction does play a part in the mating game, both in fiction and in real life. I’ve read that women instinctively seek out big, strong men who can protect us and father healthy children. Maybe it was true once, but today I don’t think most of us factor that in – at least not consciously.

I’ve also read that we subconsciously seek out mates with similar features, which I think is a crock. It’s not a popularity contest, either – I don’t think we’re attracted to guys just because our friends are. Several of my close friends list Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel as the Men They’d Most Like to be Stuck in an Elevator With. Another friend is all about Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. Still another friend is drawn to muscular wrestlers, while yet another friend prefers tall, slim, pale British aristocrat-types. There is no one-size-fits-all Perfect Guy.

With that in mind, I thought I’d take a little survey. Yes, it’s shallow of me to objectify men like this and I apologize in advance. I’m having a shallow moment – bear with me.

So, assuming you could piece together your perfect man like a Playgirl-style Frankenstein, what are the top five features you’d select?

This is my top five list:

1) Voice. No matter what he looks like, if a guy has a wimpy voice, all bets are off. Alan Rickman gets my vote as one of the sexiest voices around.

2. A great smile. Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS) and Robert Redford tie for this spot. Extra points for dimples, like the guy in the State Farm ad, Eddie Matos.












3.  I know a lot of you will disagree, but I like facial hair – not beards, but I do like goatees and five o’clock shadow. I have a tie for this spot, too – Ben Affleck and Paul McCartney. I admit, I have a thing for guys with shaggy dark hair, too.











4. Interesting, clever face and soulful eyes. Robert Downey, Jr. and Brad Pitt win this one. It’s a bonus that they happen to be gorgeous, too.












5. Okay, okay, I’m as shallow as they come.  Men have objectified women for yonks, so it’s only fair we should get to share the fun, right? So here’s number five – the chests (preferably not greased, waxed or shaved), the sexy tattoos, the whole kit and kaboodle. This collection includes vintage Pierce Brosnan and my current stuck-in-the-elevator-guy (if only I could magically lose thirty years and a bunch of pounds), True Blood’s Alcide – Joe Manganiello.

Now it’s your turn – what are the top five traits you look for? Who are your stuck-in-the-elevator guys? Let’s compare notes!