Anya Davis writes in the real world, on a slightly tilted axis. Faux angels, humans with the genes of gods . . . and wolves. Dark suspense and wickedly hot paranormals: reality, reimagined.

Anya is a member of the Ohio Valley chapter of RWA. She has completed — and is in the process of revising — one full-length paranormal and two futuristic novellas. She is as yet unpublished, but is working hard toward that goal.

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  1. Luv the glitter lips, Anya, and today’s post by Anna. I’m impressed with her research and think more of us should be getting hands on with the weapons (and processes) we’re describing. I’m posting the link to my Buzzard Bone blog site, since much of what I’m doing encourages this type of research and dovetails nicely with today’s great post.

    • I love the way Ann writes! She interviewed me once for our chapter newsletter, and I was really impressed with the way she made me sound a lot more interesting than I am in real life!

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